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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending June 29th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

As expected, the Nielsen VideoScan charts are delayed this week because our friends over at Home Media Magazine were enjoying the holiday. Although we understand wanting to take it easy on the 4th of July, we do really wish HMM would've included the top twenty Blu-ray chart this week, as this makes two weeks in a row we've been without. The other chart that is missing again this week is the top twenty market share, so there's no way to know how well the number one and two DVDs did on Blu-ray. Although both DVD and Blu-ray experienced modest gains this week over last's, the share stayed pretty much the same (up 1%). Although this might not seem like much, it 's better than you think when you consider that three out of five of the top twenty DVDs weren't available on Blu-ray thanks to Universal and Fox. Universal will be on board soon enough, and we're not sure what the deal is with Fox, 'cause we don't know if the animated feature Futurama: The Beast with the a Billion Backs is even available in HD. Next week looks to be worst than this one though, as the releases aren't that exciting, but who knows we've been wrong before.

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