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Relax in Chocobo's Dungeon with screens and videos

Candace Savino

We're one day away from the release of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, which can only mean one thing: media blitz. Not that we're complaining; the graphics for this title aren't anything too special, but you can't deny that the Square Enix polish makes the game look pretty. Normally Squeenix charges a little extra for that polish, but not in the case of Chocobo's Dungeon -- the game is retailing for only $39.99 (shock, gasp!). So, we'll look at the shiny new images in the gallery below to our hearts' content.

In addition to screens, Square Enix also gave us some videos to peek at. If you want to see a handful gameplay action (and, more importantly, the Chocobo looking adorable in different class outfits), then just click on the shiny blue "Continue reading ..." link below.


Black Mage gameplay

Dragoon gameplay

Ninja gameplay

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