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Zelda bedding: perfect for those cold Hyrule nights


It's official: not only is Wii Fanboy the web's leading resource for all things Wii, we're also the number one online source of Zelda bedding. This is the third Zelda quilt we've featured on the site, and it also happens to be the cheapest so far -- a mere $135 will buy you this queen-sized duvet, as stitched from 2" squares of real Octorok skin cotton. For an extra $30, you can even have matching pillowcases: just make sure you pack it all away when any would-be lovers arrive in your room after a particularly successful first date.

If you fancy spending $165 on some of the most awesome bedding in the universe, contact Etsy user punzie and show her the color of your money. Explore past the break for a close-up of the quilt.

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