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Crystal Audio launches TR-100 and TR-60 wireless speaker kits

Darren Murph

A couple of months back, we asked about options for hooking up rear surround speakers without running wires. For those still on the hunt (and located in the UK), here are two more options. Crystal Audio's TR-100 frees a pair of speakers from wires by providing two transmitters and two receivers, each which pack 100-watts of power. The more affordable TR-60 powers a pair of speakers from one receiver, giving each driver a touch less power. We're told that the units can handle uncompressed wireless transmission of audio and that delay latency is "inaudible to the human ear," but unless you can find these in a local shop to demo, you'll be shelling out £399 ($791) / £249 ($493) in order to see hear for yourself.

[Via Telegraph]

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