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Joystiq Reader Meetup in Santa Monica next Thursday, July 17th

Wanna know what's in those five boxes up there? We'll tell you: over 200 lbs of swag! And we're bringing it all to E3 for our Second Annual Joystiq E3 Afterparty!

And that's just part of what we've got in store. Ask any of the 160 plus people who showed up last year and they'll spin tales of mountains of swag gathered from just three days of E3. This year we'll be doing that again, of course, as well as giving away three years worth of accumulated stuff, including hundreds of free games (over 50 lbs worth!), tons of t-shirts (including the very last of the Joystiq tees), faceplates, baseball caps, controllers, headsets, and more. Giving it away. Gratis.

We'll also be providing free food and drinks, along with a bunch of video games to play on the projectors, so all you've got to bring is yourself. Just like last year, we'd like to give a shout-out to the folks over at for hosting the event. If you're planning on coming, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can scientifically deduce how many to expect or, even better, hit up the Facebook event page.

When: 6pm - 10pm PT on Thursday, July 17th
Where: Mahalo HQ, 902 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica 90401 (map)
Who: Yes, this event is all ages!
RSVP: Facebook

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