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New look for Platinum Trophy in PS3 firmware 2.41


Congratulations! Your PlayStation 3 has survived the flash to firmware 2.41. Now, enjoy this lovely gift: a new redesigned Platinum Trophy icon. No, you don't get a Platinum Trophy for upgrading to 2.41 – though that would have been a nice touch, really – you just get a fancier-schmancier looking Platinum Trophy when you unlock one.

In case you never had the chance to experience the raw update fury that was firmware 2.40, let's just say that its Platinum Trophy looked very different. As in "it was a purple crown that fell prey to a rogue Bedazzler" different. We think the new Trophy looks far more classy (and far less self-important). Now we just need more games with Trophy support so we can cheer its arrival in the upper right-hand corner of our screens. <Trophy sound>

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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