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Nintendo holding DS 'Tupperware' parties [Update 1]


Nintendo is constantly being praised for its marketing of the DS (and Wii) to non-gaming demographics, yet not all of the techniques used by the company are breathtakingly modern or anything. Case in point: these DS-themed parties, which NBC reckons are modeled on Tupperware parties, a decades old concept that first appeared just after the Second World War.

The idea is straightforward enough: gather a selection of "hot, hip alpha females," sling them a free DS (!) and a crate of Lambrini, and let them spend their Friday evening playing Mario Kart DS, Brain Training, and Nintendogs with their tipsy friends. Nintendo hopes that the women involved will go away and chat non-stop to their other alpha friends about the wonders of the DS. It appears to be working, as well. "What's better than hanging out with my girl friends to drink wine and play games?" gushes one participant.

Well, we can't think of anything.

[Update 1: Edited last sentence]

[Via Game With A Brain]

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