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Samsung M3510: gesture-controlled tunes on the cheap

Chris Ziegler

From the same pedigree (and naming convention, apparently) as the rugged B2700 comes the M3510, a relatively inexpensive candybar from Samsung that trades water and dust resistance for a plethora of goodies that probably matter more to the average buyer. Notably, it's said to feature gesture control -- a feature brought into the spotlight recently with a number of Sony Ericsson models -- for controlling the music player. A 3.5mm headphone jack, meanwhile, makes using that music player an actual possibility, and the 9.9mm case makes it worth carrying your pocket. In other words, MP3s are obviously the focus here, which is a good thing since you'll probably keep browsing to a minimum on the EDGE connection. IDNES reports that it'll sell for about 5,000 Czech crowns (about $336) toward the end of summer.

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