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Show and Tell: It's-a room!


The only thing better than playing video games is pretty much living in one. When Antoinette sent this one into us, it was an immediate lock for today's fan spotlight. Not only is redoing a room all in Mario Bros. decor the ultimate in fanboyism, it's also just really cool -- and this particular take on it is tremendous. Forget the decals, folks; this is the real deal, complete with 3D blocks you can slam your head into.

Check out a selection of shots from the project, or hit up her page for even more! And don't forget: we're still looking for all your Final Fantasy swag. Figures? Game collections? Cosplay? Snap a few pics and send 'em in to us at showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. Of course, we're still interested in regular submissions, too.

Show and Tell is all about your stuff, so long as it's Nintendo-related. We love to see your collections, your crafts, your frosted creations, your t-shirts and swag of all sorts. Just snap a few pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

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