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Today in Joystiq: July 8, 2008

Ross Miller

Better than a papercraft, here's a Team Fortress 2 dispenser case mod. Make your own model via Bit-Tech. Check out the highlights for today:

The best of WoW Insider, July 1-8, 2008
Counting Rupees: Korea bangs
GH: Aerosmith compatibility poll results are ... inconclusive
Joystiq Reader Meetup in Santa Monica next Thursday, July 17th
Podcast Rodeo for July 8: Ears of War
Readers pick best webcomic, with or without Yahtzee
The Joystiq Free Game Club: GemCraft

MGS animated short is 'Cold Blooded'
Finally: Motion control comes to the C64
Majesco bringing Away Shuffle Dungeon stateside
PS3 Firmware 2.41 is now live
Square Enix releases iPod RPG, Song Summoner
Defy logic and play Punch-Out! with bongos
Capcom opening its E3 booth to the public
PS3 2.40 bricking caused by 'certain' system admin data
How you like the 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand trailer now?
New look for Platinum Trophy in PS3 firmware 2.41
Bethesda talks murder, sex, slavery and cannibalism in Fallout 3
Midway to pass Blitz: The League II downfield this fall
Ubisoft buys 300, Sin City effects studio
BEHOLD: Activision Blizzard is born
Gears of War 2 splash page strongly hints at Nov 9 release date
Star Wars Battlefront III surfaces on Amazon
EA won't make move on Take Two until after FTC probe
Sony feels your pain, prepares more PAIN
Sarah's Emergency Room: think Doctor Dash
'Flock' revealed as one of Capcom's mystery E3 titles

Rumors & Speculation
Bungie teases July 14th announcement
Rumor: Rock Band 2 to feature all RB1 tracks as free DLC
Rumor: Lost Planet movie to be announced at E3
Rumorong: GameSpot says Rock Band 2 will support RB1 songs
Rumor: Wal-Mart memo says 40GB PS3 to be 'replaced' in August

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