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1Password 2.7 gets a little sexier


I know we just mentioned the upcoming iPhone version of 1Password yesterday, so I'll make this quick. Version 2.7 (of the desktop variety) was just released and it adds a brand new feature: a fully keyboard-accessible HUD window which allows you to instantly navigate to a website and log in.

According to the developers, this feature has been In the works for over a year. It integrates all of your "Go & Fill" 1Click bookmarks directly into your web browser. The HUD window (yes, I have a weak spot for those sexy, transparent black HUDs) has a search feature at the top of it which allows for speedy location of the bookmark you're looking for.

So, please excuse the extra mention; I think this new feature is useful enough to warrant a quick note. Current users just need to check the auto-updates within the application. Curious parties can visit the 1Password page.

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