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A complete guide to the LotRO Summer Festival

Shawn Schuster

As Turbine has shown in past Lord of the Rings Online events, they certainly know how to throw a party. The best part is the fact that these parties keep getting better and better each year! This year will certainly follow that trend as the Summer Festival quickly approaches Middle-earth. As of yet, the festival hasn't gone live, but if you'd like to enjoy the celebrations before they hit the live server, you have two choices: you can roll up a character on Roheryn or you can read this guide. That's right, we here at Massively have done all the dirty work for you so you can be fully prepared to get the most from your Summer Festival experience.

As with last year's festival, this year's event is celebrated under different names for each race of Middle-earth. For the Hobbits it's called Lithe Days. For the Men, it is referred to as Summerdays. It is Summerfest for the Dwarves and the Festival of Enedhin for the Elves. Each festival is celebrated in different areas of the map, and most of these festivals share very similar events.

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