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Beer Pong becomes Pong Toss for T rating

Justin McElroy

If there's one thing people in the government hate it's being offended, but luckily there's a tried and true way to alleviate the problem: Subtract offensive, add insulting. Take, for instance, Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal who was peeved that the sure-to-be-awful WiiWare game Frat Party Games: Beer Pong was rated "T." ... You know, for teens.

That was understandably problematic for Blumenthal seeing as the game is so very beer-centric. So, what's the solution, the quick fix from JV Games Vice President Jag Jaeger that makes everyone happy? Why, remove every reference to alcohol and call the game Pong Toss, of course! You know, because you're an idiot.

[Thanks, Farseer]

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