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iPhone 101: A user guide to take with you

Robert Palmer
If you're going to be a new iPhone 3G owner this week, you might want to make a note of this site to help you get acquainted with your new mobile device.

Apple has a guide to the iPhone available at that you can view directly in MobileSafari, so you'll always have it when you need it.

The guide has help for Phone, Mail, Safari, iPod, Applications, Settings, the Wi-Fi Music Store, and some Troubleshooting tips.

I even learned something new: you can scroll to the top of web pages by double-tapping the title bar. Nice!

Thanks, Rubinnz!

Update: Major poopie! Apple has taken down the site for some inexplicable reason. I'll try and find out where it's moved to (or a mirror) and get back to you.

Update 2: It's back, and its contents are updated for the new iPhone software. The new guide includes tips for enterprise users, and for using the App Store. It seems to be oddly not fitting in MobileSafari's display window very well, but hopefully that will get sorted out soon.

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