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ITM Power shows off in-home hydrogen fueling station


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Hydrogen cars may not be quite as in favor as hybrids or all-electrics these days, but ITM Power looks to be doing its best to at least make 'em a bit more convenient, with it now showing off a re-fueling station that it says could be installed in the home. Like similar systems, this one makes use of an electrolyzer to produce hydrogen gas from water and electricity, which can also be converted back into electricity with the aid of an internal combustion generator to provide power to the house. You'll only be able to produce enough gas overnight to travel about 25 miles, however, but the company (like so many others) foresees higher-pressure refueling units being installed in public places, which'd be able to provide enough gas to travel 100 miles. While there's no firm word on a release for the home unit, ITM says it "could" be commercially available as soon as this year, and it says the price could eventually get down to around £2,000 (or about $4,000) if they're mass produced.

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