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LotRO Summer Festival guide page 3: Common festival NPCs

Shawn Schuster

There are several shared events and NPC vendors throughout all four of the races' festivals. They all may go by different names, but the objectives are the same.

  • Fireworks Vendor - Here you can buy a variety of colored fireworks to set off and help celebrate the Summer Festival. Each of these will also sell you a specific firework for that specific race, depending on which festival grounds you are currently on. You'd be wise to purchase all of these in every festival grounds, then turn them in to an NPC in the Bree Festival Grounds named Robert Greenverge. He will give you Summerdays Fireworks which are much more special than the other fireworks sold by vendors.
  • Pipeweed Vendor - Here you can buy the special pipeweed and pipeweed seed that is only available during the summer months.
  • Provisioner - This NPC sells special consumables and alcoholic beverages for those festival celebrations.
  • Scavenger Hunt - You will need to find five items for each of these Scavenger Hunt NPCs. The rewards for completing these quests are mostly pipeweed-related, so we hope you have a farmer handy!
  • Dance Leader - This is a fun little event that is an easy way to win some unique new emotes. You simply talk to the Dance Leader NPC and wait for the event to begin, which is every 20 minutes. Once the NPC says they're ready, you face them and watch their instructions. They will tell you which dance step to perform when they say something about dance one, dance two or dance three. These are all achieved by using the emotes /dance1, /dance2 or /dance3. Once the dancing is over, the NPC will walk back to their standing area, where you will speak to them once again and choose your special emote. You can repeat this dance contest twice with each NPC for each festival. So essentially, you can get eight new dance emotes to impress your friends and scare your family.
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