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Analysts predict worldwide multichannel hypercompetition

Darren Murph

We suppose it's possible that you've missed out on all the fiber expansion going on here in the US, but even if so, you'd probably guess that programming competition in general is heating up. SNL Kagan has published new research that suggests that global multichannel hypercompetition is just around the bend, with 54 of the top 75 markets to see "four or more digital video distribution platforms" by 2013. The study focused on the continued deployment of FTTH, IPTV and DTH satellite, and it also noted that digital terrestrial television (DTT) and hybrid DTT-IP systems were "adding to the competitive mix." It's also no shock to learn that cable carriers are fighting all of this with SDV implementation, VOD offerings, bundle ("triple-play") deals and dynamic electronic program guides. Mmm, competition.

[Image courtesy of AT&T]

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