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Game Informer reveals 'Ion' premium Rock Band 2 drum kit

Ross Miller

The latest issue of Game Informer (via Score Hero) has a feature spread on Rock Band 2 and, while most of the information was released online yesterday, the magazine does have images of the new drum kit, both the upgraded basic and Ion Premium Set. The upgrades to the basic set include metal reinforcements on the foot pedal, velocity sensitive pads and expandable slots for cymbals.

The Ion set is a different beast altogether. As seen in the scan, the set gives you the option of playing the yellow, green and blue pads as cymbals. There is no indication on if you can use the cymbals for songs with long stretches of red notes used for the hi-hat beats (e.g. "Everlong"). The Ion set can purportedly be used as a real, 7-piece electronic set (albeit sans hi-hat pedal, unless we can upgrade), which then begs the question if we could find a way to make this compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour.

We're hoping to get a chance to try out the premium set next week at E3. The latest Game Informer is currently on newsstands.

Update: Made the image text red so no one got their hopes up too high by overlooking it. It should be noted that the above set is produced by ION, although the Rock Band 2 version is admittedly prettier.

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