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MobileMe now really, truly up? No.


As Robert mentioned earlier today, the launch of MobileMe has been a rockier road than a Baskin-Robbins convention in the same hotel as a Weight Watchers conference. With .Mac services (including webmail, near and dear to my travelin' heart) down most of the day, all we could do was commiserate with the scores of inbound tip emails and eagerly hit the "refresh" button until the circumstances changed.

Looks like we made it, though -- as of 7 pm ET it seems that most services are up and running from the web side (sync status TBD). Enjoy the cloudy goodness, if you will.... ulp, now it's down again. Y'know, if the idea behind your new service offering is "Exchange for the rest of us," perhaps the first order of business ought to be ensuring some sort of baseline SLA, or an uptime expectation? The last thing Apple needs is the reliability reputation of some other popular communications service...

Update: Per Apple's support status page for .Mac, all the back-end services should be running as of 2 am ET, but the web UI is still not available and there is no ETA. If you're depending on .Mac webmail from the road, may I suggest a POP download into another (free) email service.

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