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Kyle Orland
Save is reporting that Future's news portal will be re-branded as the online version of the prestigious British magazine Edge on Monday, just in time for E3. There's no word on whether the change will affect the site's editorial focus, but Future spokesman Will Guyatt told that the newly branded site will "do what Edge has done for year's in print, but online." Great news for those of us who love the magazine's thoughtful content but don't want to shell out the big bucks to import a subscription.

Next-Gen has been reprinting selected Edge magazine articles online since last May, and the magazine's previous web address currently redirects to Next-Gen's site. The move represents the re-death of the Next Generation brand, which was originally put out to pasture with the closing of the well-respected American magazine in 2001. On the plus side, when someone says "next-gen" from now on, we won't have to parse whether they mean the adjective or the web site. That was getting confusing!

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