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So I've downloaded the new 2.0 firmware, upgraded iTunes to 7.7 and went wild downloading free apps to my iPhone. Here's how the first batch stacked up.

iFob Social organizer sort of thing, that lets you beam your info to other iFob-enabled users. It's not a bad idea but it's eerily reminiscent of using the Zune. Sure you can connect to others but there are no others yet to connect to. In a Facebook/Twitter world, I don't see this one catching on.

Jared Jared is the same Freeverse app that they've previously released for OS X, but now Jared sings badly on the iPhone as well. I am completely unable to talk about this objectively because it's a love it or hate it app. Me? I love it. It's perfectly and addictively moronic and I just love me some Jared. Your mileage may vary.

Cube Runner Cube Runner by Andy Qua is exactly what a free iPhone app should be. It's simple, fun to play and has no unneeded bells and whistles. It's a simple accelerometer based game. You guide yourself through a minefield of cubes by tilting the phone. Nice.

Remote Apple's free remote tool lets you use your iPhone to control iTunes and Apple TV playback. Perfect and free.

Rotary Dialer Joshua Minor's Rotary Dialer is a great idea whose delivery falls short. It's not very usable (I tried) and it provides no retro click-click sounds as you dial. I guess it's a cute thing to show off to friends once or twice but it won't be making a home on my iPhone.

T4Two free If you're looking for a cute free pong game, you could do worse than T4Two. It offers a basic pong interface with a touch-draggable paddle and accelerometer awareness. Developer Masayuki Akamatsu did a nice job with this and offers several other free AppStore apps including a beat-tapping utility and a calculator.

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