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The MobileMe rollercoaster

Robert Palmer

MobileMe has been up and down since late last night like so much rancid Chinese food. We know just about as much as you do: we're getting tips that it's up -- no, wait -- it's down. And now it's back up! And now it's down.

I was briefly able to log in and explore Contacts and iDisk, but was shut out when the site went back down. What I saw was pretty nifty, but without the larger context of app integration, I can't really form an educated opinion on it yet.

I am planning, however, on writing a full-scale review for this weekend. Hopefully the problems will clear up by then -- or at least long enough for me to write the story.

We'll keep you posted on the continuing ups and downs of MobileMe as we get more information. I'm hoping the act of writing this post will provide just enough schadenfreude to get the service running for good.

Thanks to everyone for the uninterrupted updates on this one!

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