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TiVo takes impressive approach to the digital transition

Ben Drawbaugh

It's hard to look around your house without seeing a bunch of devices that could be affected by the upcoming digital transition in 222 days. From old TVs, to emergency radios -- you know the ones that let you listen to audio from TV stations -- to digital video recorders; if you have an antenna hooked up to it and it doesn't have an ATSC tuner, then it's going to stop working. For the most part it's going to be up to consumers to figure out what they need to do to be ready, but TiVo is taking an interesting approach. TiVo is looking at the configuration of your DVRs and when you have analog antenna connected, TiVo is sending out letters giving you your options. The options aren't too bad either, it includes a list of digital convert boxes that will make your old TiVo keep ticking, or if you want to "treat yourself" TiVo is offering a $40 discount on the TiVo HD -- puts it at $259. So yeah, sure, $40 isn't that great of a discount, but it's more than we've heard of any other consumer electronics company offering.

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