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Today in Joystiq: July 10, 2008

Ross Miller

In one of the more clever Munnies we've seen in this rampant Munny craze, here's Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, care of Tomopop. Check out the highlights for today:

E3 1995-2007: A Retrospective
Joystiq interview: Mercenaries 2 senior producer Jonathan Zamkoff
Microsoft E3 2008 press conference: Let's play bingo!
Vote in Big Download's Spore creature contest
X3F Week in Review: July 4, 2008 - July 10, 2008
The Xbox 360 $299 price drop gallery

Nintendo's new hero (?): Captain Rainbow
GameTap Thursday: ClayFighter and Aveyond
Heavenly Sword writer to script Mirror's Edge
Madden '10, other EA games to include downloadable songs
Gamekyo: Jade Raymond working on surival game 'I Am Alive'
Here's the new Mirror's Edge 2D trailer and some 3D screenshots
Jobs: 1/3 of iPhone App Store launch apps are games
The Max Payne movie trailer
2K Games bringing Champions Online to PC, 360
You're not good enough for Ubisoft's Hell's Kitchen game
Burnout Paradise's 'Cagney' update delayed on Xbox 360 until July 24
Microsoft bringing home Too Human demo next week
Dragon Age becomes ... Dragon Age: Origins
SouthPeak bringing Brave: A Warrior's Tale to Wii, 360
Activision dreams up Guitar Hero music platform to rival iTunes to become Edge Magazine Online
Wario Land: Shake It! video blowout
Sony, Double Fusion sign in-game ad deal
Midway appoints Codemasters vet to drive Wheelman
PSN Thursday: The calm before the E3 storm
Mega Man 9 debut trailer, confirmed for XBLA and PSN
Konami lodges patent suit against Harmonix, MTV over Rock Band
Game Informer reveals 'Ion' premium Rock Band 2 drum kit

Rumors & Speculation
Report: Infinity Ward 'definitely' working on sci-fi shooter
Levine contract could include royalties from BioShock sequels

Culture & Community
The E3 2008 press conference schedule
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed trailer runs free

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