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E3 XBLA release redeemed: Shred Nebula UPDATE


Oh Coffeetime Crosswords you are a funny, funny game, but are certainly not the kind of release we want to see during the week of E3. Thankfully an email came that ended our apprehension. Having been flying under the radar a bit this year, Shred Nebula has no official date will actually be hitting the Live Arcade on July 16th. For the calender challenged that's an unknown day of the week next Wednesday.

The top-down shooter
may appear to be just another twin-stick game but it actually has roots in both Asteroids and, believe it or not, Street Fighter. With a concept like that, and the promise of large free-roaming space environments we're willing to give Shred Nebula a good portion of our time when it's released during the busy week next week.


[Via Press Info]

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