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Flagship Studios confirms staff layoffs


Flagship Studios, developer of Hellgate: London and Mythos, has confirmed that it has handed out the dreaded pink slip to an undisclosed number of employees from both the development team as well as from Ping0, an online services subsidiary. While there has been no details discussing the reason for the layoffs, it's likely tied into the issues surrounding the Hellgate: London title.

A statement issued by Flagship last month, meant to reassure players, read "All our Directors and Founders are still working at Flagship, and all of them are working on Hellgate: London or Mythos. The team size for Hellgate is as big now as when we shipped." That's not necessarily a positive thing -- are these Directors and Founders having to double up on duties previously performed by the now-unemployed? We'll keep an ear to the ground for more specific information as it appears.

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