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iPhone 3G on display in Germany: alles in Ordnung


Hallo vom aus Deutschland! Since I haven't been able to participate in most of the line-waiting, MobileMe-stalling, activation-collapsing fun yesterday and today, and the 29 pages of lovely iPod touch apps are inaccessible until the touch update drops, I figured the least I could do was post a picture of one lonely iPhone 3G on display in the T-Mobile store in the Innenstadt (central city) of Osnabrück, a medium-sized city in the northwest portion of the country.

The caption reads "Das iPhone, auf das Sie gewartet haben" -- the iPhone you've been waiting for. Despite reports of mob scenes elsewhere, I can report that if you're looking for an iPhone 3G in Osnabrück you can just walk in, lay down your euros and buy it with nobody in a sleeping bag blocking your way register for one when they get back into stock (weak!).

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