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iPod touch software update available soon

Robert Palmer

Apple is close to releasing its $9.99 iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch (sheesh) to bring it up to speed with the iPhone and App Store. As we mentioned yesterday, the update will also include Mail, Stocks, Maps, Weather and Notes.

The update is linked from Apple's website since about 4:30 this morning (ET), but clicking the link just opens iTunes with an error saying iTunes could not complete your request, and that the iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. The errors are possibly related to the fact that the iTunes activation server is currently down.

In theory, you should be able to buy the update from Apple's website, or by clicking "Check for Update" in iTunes with your iPod touch connected to your computer.

Apple is charging for the update because of an accounting requirement: since the revenue generated from the iPod isn't considered a subscription (like an iPhone, with its two-year contract), Apple must charge a fee. The amount of the fee, however, is entirely up to Apple.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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