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Patch report for Age of Conan's July 10th update

Matt Warner

The never-ending quest and struggle to improve Age of Conan continues. Yesterday's patch introduced a multitude of changes including partial remedies to the female avatar DPS bug. Age of Conan players are well aware that not every patch goes according to plan. In fact, after a new patch goes live, players create and maintain a thread detailing the undocumented changes and also report on its aftermath. This is a great service performed by Age of Conan players, and it keeps everyone informed of the unintended changes and mishaps.

The latest dissection is underway and on the surface it's not looking very good for Funcom. There are two threads representing the latest changes and issues on both the US player forums and the EU player forums. The patch builds are identical thus the results from each report mirror each other. Listed below are some of the more significant items present. It's important to note that both lists are continuously updated as more changes, bugs, and yes even fixes not listed in the official patch notes are uncovered.

  • Invisible walls everywhere
  • Mapping keys seems to no longer work. [Example: Can't change W to Y]
  • Stances getting stuck
  • Stamina regeneration decreased
  • Rare resource drops increased

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