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Sony CFO: PS3 'plan is to not reduce the price'

Kyle Orland

Prospective PS3 purchasers pining for an Xbox-360-style price reduction for Sony's system during next week's E3 show probably shouldn't get their hopes up. Talking to a forum in Singapore, Sony CFO Noboyuki Oneda said point blank, "our plan is not to reduce the price," according to the Agence France-Press report. The report also quotes Oneda saying that Sony's focus for the coming year would be "not to sell more quantity for PS3, but to concentrate on profitability."

Of course, Oneda is a Japanese executive speaking to an Asian audience, so his remarks may not apply directly to American pricing. Keep in mind too that Sony
has played coy about price drops in the past. That said, if we were betting men, we wouldn't bet on getting a PS3 for less than $399 any time soon.

[Via Engadget]

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