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The force is with the Wiimote

Phil Larsen

The DS gets a lightsaber controller (well, stylus, but it's like a controller as you control stuff with it .. whatever) so why is the Wiimote left out in the cold, cold night without bright neon colors and thwong sounds?

Useless Wii attachments might be the butt of several chortling jokes, but Star Wars nerds (this blogger included) can't help but think this lightsaber is kinda badass. It actually plugs in to the Wiimote and emits a healthy glow, so the generic white Wii Sports thingys are immediately shamed to oblivion. Of course, the Wii currently lacks any decent Star Wars games, but the aesthetic appeal alone might drive some consumers to pick it up in high hopes that The Force Unleashed won't suck diddly-uck.

Buy, or do not buy. There is no try.

[Via Wii News; thanks, Craig!]

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