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Fighting off the WoW doldrums

Amanda Miller

Andy Salisbury recently forwarded his latest post to the WoW Insider team, originally published on A Rogue's Eye View. The article provides some excellent tips for staying excited about the game. They should be especially useful now while fighting off the it's-not-expansion-time-yet blues.

Here's a brief summary of his points, minus the tips, discussion and personal experience in the article:
  1. Don't treat the game as work.
  2. Start an alt.
  3. Make time for other games.
  4. Take a break from raiding.
  5. Spend time with friends that doesn't involve a computer.

In fact, Andy has inspired me to offer some tips of my own, and I'm sure that the comments section will fill up with suggestions.

  • Create at least one alt on the opposite faction or a different server. Don't tell anyone about it.
  • Turn off guild chat, trade chat, and even general, and stick up a <DND> tag while you farm, fish, or do another relaxing activity. It doesn't hurt to play some tunes either.
  • Leave the game for a couple weeks. Call your friends, clean the house, catch up on work, watch TV, and generally don't even think about it. Before you know it, you'll miss some of the WoW activities.
  • You might just be lacking some goals. Look up some rare items you haven't acquired for your collections, set your eyes on a piece of gear you want, or vow to level your alt to a certain point so that they can acquire a new talent, mount, or armor piece.

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