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Hands-on with AOC's latest LCD displays

Darren Murph

AOC threw down a new trio of displays here yesterday, and we had the pleasure of stopping by to check 'em out in NYC. You've already had a chance to wade through all the specs and official verbiage surrounding the 42-inch L42H861 LCD HDTV, 22-inch 2218Ph LCD monitor and 22-inch 2230Fm do-it-all display, so how's about some good old fashioned pictures? We must say we were quite pleased with the image quality and overall design, though the anti-gloss crowd should probably look out. Also of note, the built-in media player on the 2230Fm was incapable of playing back HD clips, so yeah, kind of a bummer there. Anywho, dip on into the gallery below and have a look around.

Gallery: Hands-on with AOC's latest LCD displays | 15 Photos

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