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Black iPhone 3G vs. white iPhone 3G... fight!

Chris Ziegler

For many people we encountered in line on launch day, the decision had already been steadfastly made: they'd be picking up a black iPhone 3G, and no one would sway them from their path (except maybe -- maybe -- if the black was sold out by the time their number got called). We've got to say, though -- after spending a great deal of quality time with both colors, the white definitely holds a special place in our hearts. It doesn't show smudges as easily, it makes just a little bit bolder of a fashion statement, and it tells passers-by, "yo, I sprung for the 16GB model" since the 8GB is only available in black. Don't get us wrong, the black's just fine, but we figured we'd throw out some food for thought on the subject.

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