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Former Diablo II dev speaks out on Diablo III

Jason Dobson

The fervor has begun to die down following Diablo III's Parisian unveiling, giving former Blizzard North employee and Diablo II dev Michael Huang time enough to brave the cooling hellfire and speak out. On his mind are some Diablo III design choices that Huang says are "counter to the decisions the original Diablo team members would have made."

One thing sticking in the self-professed foodie's craw are "floating numbers" that drift above an opponent's head in the upcoming sequel to give an arithmetic angle to the carnage, a feature that was pitched by the game's current devs during the making of Diablo II but "refused" by Blizzard North. Another is the re-use of existing classes, including the Barbarian, a character Huang describes as the "most broken" class in Diablo II due to his unfair ability to leap. It's interesting to see how much negativity has been poured on the upcoming sequel given what little we've seen, though as Huang writes that he's already all but written off PC gaming as a whole anyway, we suggest he simply sit back and wait for the day that he'll be able to play the game with his thumbs.

[Via N4G]

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