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Speculation: Bungie to debut XBLA title tomorrow

Ross Miller

Based on their overt teasing, we're willing to bet Bungie is announcing a new game tomorrow. An unverified tip to Joystiq said that whatever game is announced Monday will be out this year. Assuming this isn't Halo Recon Advanced Warfighter or Peter Jackson's Halo project, one potential candidate for such a title with a short development time would be Xbox Live Arcade. A recent countdown rumored to be connected to Bungie (and once counting down to tomorrow) has changed to now end on August 7 just after 7:00 pm PT, although a WHOIS query of the site doesn't add credence to the rumored connection.

Compounding the rumor is Bungie's mysterious fixation with "The Superintendent." Who's the superintendent? We're glad you asked. He's the icon shown above who as far back as May has been popping up on Bungie t-shirts, in their news posts and forums and in the recent Bungie Day gamerpics pack as the unacknowledged eighth gamerpic. So are we barking up the wrong tree? We'll find out for sure tomorrow.

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