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Casio's EXILIM EX-Z150 makes the 3-inch LCD ordinary


It wasn't too long ago that you'd find a 3-inch LCD only on the backside of flagship, point-and-shoot cameras. Casio's new EX-Z150 features that biggie LCD plus CCD-shift image stabilization, a 28-mm wide angle lens, 4x optical zoom, an 8.1 megapixel 1/2.5-inch CCD, and face detection all from a camera that sits somewhere well south of the top of the EXILIM Zoom-series. And since this is the age of self-immolation by video humiliation, the EX-Z150 also features a YouTube capture mode -- branded marketing-speak for saying that it shoots 640 x 480 at 30fps for up to 10 minutes at a time. All this in a slim, 20.1-mm package tapering down to 18.9-mm. No date, price, or availability announced yet but we expect to hear more shortly.

[Via Fareastgizmos]

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