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    Definitive's Mythos SSA-50 soundbar gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    During our trip to CEDIA last year, we were pretty astounded by just how well a soundbar could sound when placed in the right environment. Definitive Technology's pricey Mythos SSA-50 won't save you much (dollar wise) compared to a mid-range surround system, but it's probably the form factor that has you captivated. Sound & Vision were able to take this bugger in for a listen, and during testing, reviewers noted that they actually forgot to pay attention to it and simply enjoyed the experience. To us, that's a pretty positive remark. Furthermore, critics noted that it "could replace a lot" of 5.1 systems, and given the ease of installation, it ended up looking mighty attractive. Hit the read link for the full review, but only if you don't mind being talked into a purchase.

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