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Geometry Wars 2 available Aug 6, features 4-player modes


Four polygonal ships rendered on the same screen ... at the same time?! On August 6, Bizarre will prove the impossible possible when Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 bursts onto Xbox Live Arcade. The sequel features a "remixed" version of the original game, along with 5 additional game modes: Waves (from PGR4), Pacifism (Achievement Evolved!), and newcomers King, Deadline, and Sequence. Each game mode supports up to 4 players locally (read: not online), for either 2-vs-2 or every polygon for itself gameplay. Additionally, GWRE2 will feature a Co-Pilots mode, where one player steers and the other shoots. As expected, all those particles still add up, as online leaderboards make a return -- hey K4rn4ge, you still got it?

Bizarre will reveal further details leading up to the game launch, including info on new enemy types and 12 new achievements -- and hopefully ... a price! 400 points, pretty please?

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