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IGN: Activision accelerometer means slimmed-down DS?

Kyle Orland

As E3 gets closer, the speculation about what will be announced at the show gets more and more out there. So now that E3 is actually here, we get this post from IGN's Matt Cassamassina positing that Activision is working on an accelerometer-equipped, tilt-sensitive attachment for the Nintendo DS' Game Boy Advance slot. Nothing too surprising about that news, but the post jumps off from there to suggest Nintendo is also working on a similar tilt-sensing cart for the DS slot. Why would they do such a thing? Because Nintendo is planning to release a new DS without a Game Boy Advance slot, of course.

Yes, IGN buried the lede a bit, suggesting two paragraphs down that "trusted insiders that Nintendo" say a new, slimmed-down DS (a la the Game Boy Micro) could be coming out soon. The new unit would have no GBA slot (thereby explaining the need for tilt-sensitive DS carts) and come in at a cool sub-$100 price, if IGN is to be believed. Of course, IGN still considers everything it writes just a rumor. We'll know soon enough, as anything from Activision or Nintendo would likely be revealed at their press conference tomorrow.

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