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3's new Skypephone clears the FCC -- to be called IM2?

Chris Ziegler

So it turns out Skype was more than a mere experiment for 3, apparently, seeing how the FCC just approved its rumored new Skypephone -- though contrary to what we'd heard, the documentation indicates that the candybar might end up being called the IM2, not the S2. Crucial difference, we know. Anyhow, the phone sports a 3.2 megapixel cam, HSDPA (up from the original's mere UMTS), and features a rather attractive brushed metal backing, not bad for a phone that's theoretically designed to save you cash by routing calls over the internets. Still no launch details for the thing just yet, but at least we now know we'll be able to use it in the good ol' US of A without drawing the FCC's ire.

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