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Abracadabra -- Definitive Technology announces Disappearing In-Wall speakers

Steven Kim

Gearheads like us like to show off our speakers in the room, but fashion circles with different sensibilities take a "loudspeakers are meant to be heard, not seen" approach. No doubt, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have come a long way from the dreck that spewed out muzak from an acoustic tile in our dentist's office. Definitive Technology has announced a new line of flush-mount speakers with micro-perf grills, dubbed the Disappearing In-Wall series, set to ship in Q1 of 2009. The company has both round and rectangular models (but being invisible, does it matter?), and since this is Definitive Technology, you know there's a bipolar model for surround channel duty. Bass output is goosed a little with Def Tech's Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) technology, borrowed from the floorstanding Mythos ST speakers, and the aluminum dome tweeters can be pivoted to get the setup dialed in. Sizes cover a gamut from 3.5- to 8-inches, and prices range from $179 to $379 per speaker. Sounds promising -- we'll try to get a listen for ourselves at CEDIA in a few months to see how far things have come from our dentist's setup!

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