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Blizzard victorious in WoW Glider case

Michael Zenke

Virtually Blind is reporting that the WoW Glider case has been resolved in Blizzard's favor. The maker of the epic fantasy MMO has long contended that the MDY developers are infringing on the company's copyright. MDY makes the WoW Glider bot software, possibly the most popular of a series of options that allow an unattended computer to 'play" World of Warcraft. This case dealt with a number of meaty virtual world/legal issues. The most important decided this week was rights Blizzard gives to players of the game. The company is allowed, according to the decision, to defend those rights against individuals that would allow players additional privileges.

Terra Nova, which has had several previous discussions about this case, notes that this may be the first time gold farming is referred to in a court's opinion. There is a 7-point test for impropriety in tortious interference. The overall message of that test, says the site, is that "enabling gold farming = not cool." Check out our previous discussions of this case, and you can catch every legal jot and feint in the official ruling from the court.

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