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Blue Oasis footage is relaxing, blue


Blue Oasis looks like just the kind of thing we could use to contain our CONSTANT ATTACKS OF RAGE. A relaxed Josh from WiiFolder has carried out one of his excellent video tours of the game (we've slotted the video after the break, due to sizing issues), covering its impressively customizable aquariums, the decent range of fish (there are around fifty, some of which must be unlocked), and the ability to share your aquarium with friends via WiiConnect24. The one thing it's missing? Leonard Nimoy.

Admittedly, Hudson's virtual aquarium lands squarely in "non-game" territory, but it is cheap -- just 500 Wii Points, or five bucks. As Josh sagely points out: "You can't even buy a fish sandwich for $5 nowadays." Fair point, that.


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