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Castlevania movie drops whip for sword

Justin McElroy

Despite two-year-old assurances that "the whip is still in it" it seems that, if an early script review is any indication, the Belmont's signature weapon has been knocked down to bit player in the Castlevania script by Paul W.S. Anderson, who has seen fit to make Simon live by the sword.

Here's the word from CC2K writer "Big Ross" who says "Though I said Vampire Killer is gone from this script, Simon does wield what is described as a chain whip in two instances. However, it is nondescript and in one of the occasions is wielded as an off-hand weapon. So what is Simon armed with throughout the film? A f***ing sword."

No, that doesn't sound particularly encouraging to us. But, hey, at least the rest of the script review is almost entirely negative.

[Via AICN]

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