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E308: A whole lotta list -- upcoming Wii games and release dates

Candace Savino

Wii got game. Oh, and games, too.

Nintendo posted a list with a metric ton of games and release dates, including ones from third parties. You can check out the list for yourselves in our gallery below; you might be pleasantly surprised (or sorely disappointed).

One thing we noticed: The Conduit was nowhere to be found (perhaps because High Voltage has yet to reveal a publisher for the title). Goosebumps: HorrorLand seems like a strange edition to the Wii's lineup (since the book series was in its prime over a decade ago), and GameCock added Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball to the company's Wii repertoire. Other than that, we didn't notice too many surprises.

Is there any other software on the list that you think deserves an honorable mention?


[Via press kit]

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