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E308: Animal Crossing Wii adds MMOG elements, but not an MMO

While nobody is entirely surprised that Nintendo decided to bring Animal Crossing to the Wii, the concepts behind this new title are curious from our viewpoint. Animal Crossing: City Folk appears to be an interesting combination of Wii gaming and MMOG/virtual world elements. Sadly this does not appear to be the MMO many were hoping for, but it is certainly a good first step towards that eventual end. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, there will be many elements familiar to MMO players: auction houses for player to player sales, in-game housing that others may visit, and the ability to send player mail not just in-game, but also to mobile phones -- even what appears to be some grindy trade-skills -- all in a perpetual-styled world. It does not have the massive elements, however, so it falls into multiplayer as opposed to massively muliplayer.

Sorry, Animal Crossing fans. Looks like we'll be waiting for a while to see if an Animal Crossing MMO (ever) hits. of course, as far as developing the potential to create such a game, this looks to be a really great first step. Well, after they ditch the friend codes.

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