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Goon World: Organized Crime Online brings a new genre to MMOs


Correct us if we're wrong (and we know you will, you clever lot), but 1930's-era gangster fiction is a genre that hasn't been explored in MMOs -- until now. Nemesis Studios Entertainment is a relatively new game company that's hard at work on Goon World, an MMO set in a world where warring Mafia-like crime organizations run rampant.

While details are vague owing to this early stage of development, you can read an interview conducted with the team at the Warcry Network, and the official site has an FAQ that delineates some of the pertinent features. Will this title, along with APB, usher in a new era of MMOs, away from the overwhelming fantasy/science fiction mode? Will Goon World make you an offer you can't refuse? It could be a contender ...

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