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Harmonix clarifies RB1 compatibility to Rock Band 2


We spent some time with Dan Teasdale, senior designer of Rock Band 2, and asked him several questions -- but we really wanted to know what's the deal with transfers of Rock Band tracks to the new game. We wanted to know a little bit more about what Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos meant at the Microsoft press conference when he said most songs would be available for import.

Teasdale tells us that the final list of songs not transferable to RB2 is still up in the air and it all comes down to licensing issues. We heard from a separate source that "it should only be a couple songs" and, although the company would love to just do the whole set from the first game, there may be some exclusivity issues. Harmonix apparently had to re-license every song over again for the RB2 transfers.

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