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E308: Pop Cutie does a little turn on the catwalk

Candace Savino

Maybe it's because the new season of Project Runway is premiering tonight, but we're feeling extra fashionable today. That's why we checked out these new screens of Pop Cutie: Street Fashion Simulation, which Koei is localizing for North Americans in September. We imagine the whole time we play, we'll be using "WWTGD" as our mantra (you know -- "What Would Tim Gunn Do?").

Pop Cutie is about more than clothes, though. It's about fashion battles and designer dog costumes, too, for starters. At the very least, it's definitely a fashion game for geeks, if we ever saw one. So, if you consider yourself a geek who has a thing for chic, check out the new screens and art in the gallery below.


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